Complex Trauma Specialist, Consciousness Alchemy Master and STARR Founder Bronwyn Lea

Take your healing practice to the NEXT LEVEL

Communicate directly to your client’s Unconscious AND Superconscious to affect rapid transformation and healing where it really counts, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually!

Take your healing practice to the NEXT LEVEL

Communicate directly to your client’s Unconscious AND Superconscious to affect rapid transformation and healing where it really counts, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually!

Immediate Results You Can See & Celebrate With Your Clients

Give them an extraordinary second chance at LIFE!

Who Am I?

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“Healing is serious, sacred work. You can’t be effective as a healer if you’re broke.”

I’m Bron Lea; complex trauma specialist, consciousness alchemy and ascension master and founder of The STARR Collective Institute of Healing and globally accredited modality, StoryTeller Alchemy Rapid Recoding.

I started on my healing path 25 years ago, learning meditation and energy work from a Druid Priestess, before channeling divinely guided healing journeys for individuals and groups.

Six years ago, I was given a second chance at life, with a magical moment of divine intervention that saw me resolve my own limitation programming, as well as lifelong symptoms of cPTSD, depression, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and crippling fibromyalgia.

I’ve trained in numerous healing modalities, with an all absorbing passion (obsession) in the area of complex trauma. Oh…and I’m a total geek when it comes to neuroscience, quantum healing, alchemical and shamanic work, consciousness activation, whole of mind embodiment, and the impact of collective and ancestral trauma.


  • Has apprenticed with a Druid Priestess; understanding how to apply ancient Shamanic and Alchemical principles to totally transmute and transform the pain of your past trauma, into your higher power and purpose…without retriggering or re-traumatising.


  • Can accurately intuit the “origin story” around your wound; getting to the root cause of the shitty stories you’ve been stuck in, rather than spending endless hours peeling away all the painful layers with “cup of tea” therapy. AND teach other healers how to wield that same diagnostic magic wand!  


  • Can deliver a bespoke fusion of comprehensive “science meets spiritual sorcery”; giving you the necessary knowledge and tools to fast-track extraordinary wins for your clients, AND teaching you the practical magic of imagination and intuition.   


  • Can provide you with globally accredited certification in the most transformative, trauma-informed healing modality AND the necessary wisdom and insight to build a successful and profitable healing practice…backed by STARR’s expert team of business strategists, coaches and intuitive marketing Goddesses!


  • Combines research-backed trauma informed practice, with sacred Source transmissions, to create a one-of-a-kind process that activates your Divine Soul’s coding and your inner healer’s highest potential, abundance and natural success.

Why become a globally accredited STARR Alchemist/Practitioner?

The STARR Collective™️ Journey is a powerful, leading edge process that combines the latest advancements in neuroscience, trauma and behavioural therapies, with quantum mechanics, the Super Conscious, ancient Alchemy and Shamanic teachings, as well as the unique Soul’s Code and Calling (AKA the divinely connected, individual genius we are all born with).


It’s the quintessential “science meets spiritual” modality, which takes a “whole of mind” approach; recognising the mind as a mutually symbiotic relationship between the brain, heart and gut, as well as the energetic pathways that connect them.  


The aim and intention of the STARR Collective™️ Journey is not to “fix” the client, who’s perceived as “broken”. Rather, the practitioner guides the client – as a willing, engaged and empowered participant on their healing journey – to resolve the emotional charge of the past, thereby resolving persistent patterns of internal and external resistance and conflict. 


This streamlined, 7-Step Sacred Activation Sequence and the STARR Collective™️ Community that sits behind it, make for a journey unlike any other; providing clients with a treasure trove of highly effective, transformational tools, techniques and teachings they can continue to apply in their everyday experience, for the rest of their new story. 

It's time to:

What healers have to say about STARR

This is so much more than I could have ever imagined it could be for me personally, and for the women I work with. This training is pure gold. It’s putting all the pieces I’ve been gathering for the last 3 years together, and taking it to a whole new level!

I love the blend of learning, experience, and visuals. And the small group. Just go for the experience! Your life will never be the same!

~ Mercedes S (3 weeks into her training with STARR!)

STARR is an accelerated, potent method that really connects you into the  truth of how we’re created. It’s like plugging in to the exact right outlet to access the wisdom and tools we already have inside of us – that’s what STARR does.

~ Lauren M (STARR Youth & Parenting Program Ambassador)

Stop waiting for permission to step up, own your highest purpose AND be well paid for it!