STARR Collective Institute Of Healing – where science meets spirit on the path to deeper, intergenerational healing

Complex Trauma Specialist, Consciousness Alchemy Master and STARR Founder Bronwyn Lea shares what the STARR Journey is all about (this should be the thumbnail of the video above)

Release yourself from the past, break the cycles of suffering and re-write yourself into a future of limitless possibilities!

Effective, safe and lasting trauma resolution requires an approach grounded in both the science and spirit of healing. 

Rather than separating the body, mind, consciousness (psyche) and soul, STARR’s therapeutic approach is truly holistic in the sense that it acknowledges, incorporates and honours the entirety of your human experience, with an awareness that you are a divine being of limitless creative potential and expression.

You are more than the sum of your past stories. More than your parents’ stories, and their parents’ stories…

You are more than a list of symptoms or diagnoses. You are NOT your trauma!

“Trauma is not what happens to you. Trauma is what happens inside you as a result of what happens to you.” – Gabor Mate

You were born with a unique soul’s code, which you might identify as your “calling”. 

Hence, STARR Therapy doesn’t simply seek to resolve the symptomatology and pathology of your trauma. That’s just the first step! 

STARR offers true, enduring recovery (not revolving door talk therapy!) in the sense that the pathway we take leads to the activation and embodiment of your soul’s code…your true divine nature, expression, authenticity and reason for being on this planet! 

STARR empowers you to move from a state of barely surviving in Groundhog Day struggle street stories; anchored in the unresolved wounds, pain and recurring patterns of your past, to thriving in your most successful, free and fulfilled life of limitless potential and prosperity.

Proud member of the IPHM!

We offer globally accredited training and certification for medical professionals, therapists, educators, coaches and healers in current practice, who are seeking to further their trauma informed skills and take the results achieved with clients to the next level.

AND we offer extensive business development, coaching and mentoring through STARR’s exclusive BONUS ‘Practice Made Perfect’ program, for those seeking to establish themselves in the growing trauma informed healing sector.

We provide unparalleled support for you to make your dream of helping people heal and changing the world for the better, a reality! 

As well as the necessary guidance and tools to grow a globally recognised, 6 to 7 figure income earning ONLINE OR FACE TO FACE practice, with passive cashflow opportunities to boost your marketing budget.

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What healers have to say about STARR

This is so much more than I could have ever imagined it could be for me personally, and for the women I work with. This training is pure gold. It’s putting all the pieces I’ve been gathering for the last 3 years together, and taking it to a whole new level!

I love the blend of learning, experience, and visuals. And the small group. Just go for the experience! Your life will never be the same!

~ Mercedes S

(3 weeks into her training with STARR!)

STARR is an accelerated, potent method that really connects you into the  truth of how we’re created. It’s like plugging in to the exact right outlet to access the wisdom and tools we already have inside of us – that’s what STARR does.

~ Lauren M

(STARR Youth & Parenting Program Ambassador)

For clients, STARR Collective Institute Of Healing offers a raft of therapeutic options, from highly accessible self paced, community and group programs to bespoke, intensive one on one programs for more complex cases. 

We see the person beyond the pain. The divine being beyond the disability. The present potential beyond the past wound. 

As such, we take a very simple and straightforward, yet highly strategic and elegant From/To approach to your healing journey. Guiding you on the path to greater self awareness, enlightenment and the awakening of your own inner healing capacity. 

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