Starr Ascended Healer Certification -

Leading Complex Trauma Specialist, Consciousness Alchemy Master and STARR Founder, Bronwyn Lea Presents…

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Advanced Trauma & Consciousness Alchemy Training for leading lightworkers

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Advanced Trauma & Consciousness Alchemy Training for leading lightworkers

Activating healers, light workers and way-showers into their HIGHEST potential, abundance and natural success!

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Advanced Trauma & Consciousness Alchemy Training for leading lightworkers




You’re ready to thrive in your purpose and power as a prosperous healer who deeply supports others on their own transformational journey.

In this sacred 12 month immersion you will align with your personal vortex of divine wealth and potent AF healing powers, activating your own unique genius as you build a world changing wellness practice.

Within 6 months, you will be facilitating this powerful, globally accredited, modality that is guaranteed to wow your clients every time! Through creating deeply safe, trauma-aware spaces, you’ll hyper-accelerate client results while your client feels absolutely secure and held — something that not all healing modalities can do

We’ll even hold your hand while you serve your first 8 clients to ensure you feel confident and clear in exactly how to facilitate high-level results with absolute ease.

Serve at your highest possible potential, attune to your best life and create the wildly lucrative healing practice of your dreams, without risking “healer hustle” burnout or struggling to do “all the things” on your own.

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your past stories, and completely transforming your life (AND the lives of your dream clients!). From shit-show to shining stardom, ALL in the space of 8 short weeks!

DITCH the Struggle Street stories you’ve been stuck in, quantum leap into your second chance at life…AND celebrate consistent success stories of extraordinary transformation with your dream clients!


to your sacred Superconscious-powers of intuition and i-MAGI-Nation; that magical AF “unicorn” healer coding inside!

OWN your power to build a wildly abundant healing practice AND be of the highest possible service at the same time! Expanding into the energetic frequency of the STAR you were born as and to BE…


with your Divine Soul’s Blueprint for success and the abundant, give and receive creative flow that is your birthright, as a healer and sacred servant of change on our planet at this time.

LIVE your most authentic, joyful bliss as the enchanting Alchemist you are!

No more “fake it ’til you make it syndrome” that comes with all the self doubt, sabotage and BS stories of resistance to standing in your sacred space as a healer.

It’s time to STEP into your Space with purpose and power and claim divine wealth in EVERY aspect of your life


your highest healing potential and the magical coding within your DNA itself, that holds the key to creating the life (and professional practice!) of your dreams, ALL AT ONCE…with ease and flow…

THRIVE in your “on purpose” power and potential as a prosperous healer who deeply supports others in their transformational, “second chance at life” journey…with all the necessary tools, knowledge and support to continue ascending as you up-level into the next A-Mazing phase of your own growth game!

Now…Just imagine...


while you learn,

with the opportunity to implement these unique alchemical tools and techniques 6 months into the 12 month program, backed by 6 months of FULL support from STARR Collective’s Community of Practice.

Build a strong foundation for your healing practice with STARR’s in-house team of experts in business strategy, sustainability and expansion to make sure your practice grows with you!

Did you know that 81% of healing/coaching practices never make it beyond three years in business? And a staggering 63% of life coaches scrape by with annual earnings between $11,000 and $41,000 (while the average national salary in the US is almost $73,000!)

This program puts you in the top 19% that are destined to succeed AND become a top, tier 6-figure earner in the industry!

We want you to expand into your


Take your healing practice to the next level and give your clients an extraordinary second chance at LIFE!


Heal the Healer Divine Activation & Recoding

(7 weeks)

Activate into Your Highest Potential as you take the STARR Journey of a lifetime. Experience the process just as your clients will, with you guiding them on this sacred path to their soul’s true power and purpose…


Advanced Alchemist’s Training & Certification

(16 weeks)

8 training modules delivered over 16 weeks, includes;

(delivered LIVE & via STARR Collective Apprentice’s Guild Member’s area. Including downloadable “Playbooks” to support your journey)

(Integration, Implementation & Intuition Practical class facilitated by Bron Lea / STARR Master Alchemist) (NB: approx. 6 to 7 hours time commitment per week)

(Sisterhood of Support, Activation & Expansion)


Putting it into Practice – The Mentor Program

(16 weeks)

Full support as you work with your first 8 clients through the STARR Collective process, upon completion of the training component, including;

with Bron Lea or STARR Master Alchemist

with Bron Lea or STARR Master Alchemist

from Bron Lea & STARR Master Alchemists


(Things you won’t get anywhere else!)

Silver STARR Licensing

– FREE for 6 MONTHS!

6 Months Licensing in the STARR Collective Community of Practice, which includes;

facilitated by Bron Lea or STARR Master Alchemist

(see below for full inclusions)

Please see STARR COLLECTIVE ANNUAL LICENCE & SUPPORT info for licensing options after this time

STARR Collective’s ‘Practice Made Perfect’

– FREE for 6 MONTHS!

6 months of business coaching, implementation and “done for you” resources to launch your perfect healing practice from a solid foundation of systems, tools and resources!

6 x Business Mentoring Modules including;


Exclusive PIF Bonuses

CLAIM YOUR $2.5k scholarship TODAY!

Claim your partial scholarship and step into your sacred service for the next round of STARR Advanced Certification Training TODAY for only…

Immediate Results You Can See & Celebrate With Your Clients

Jodi in Florida went


“Feeling like I’m being judged constantly by my family”



“Having confidence in myself and the good things I have to offer this world, without any fear of judgement”

The 7-step Recoding activates a deeper connection between the different layers of consciousness – the self, unconscious and super conscious, to create an unprecedented new level of self awareness.

Kate in Perth went


“Being a victim”



“Being a Goddess, wild woman and warrior!”

STARR teaches that we must “feel it to heal it”; removing any shame lingering around the pain of our past wounds. This allows us to stop repressing and running from the hurt, grief, guilt, disappointment, anger, etc, and instead process through that energy using carefully guided, gentle and compassionate, self inquiry.

Kath in Coffs Harbour went


“Periods of anger”



“Remaining calm when triggered; it’s okay to be assertive without being aggressive”

Create and hold strong, healthy boundaries, free from guilt and without the need to put up protective “barriers” around your heart. Lead in your life from a place of self love and acceptance, that allows you the wonderful experience of a deeper sharing of unconditional love and acceptance with others…

client love

I feel a confidence that wasn’t there prior to starting STARR – I feel like something was unleashed inside of me with the STARR Journey.

I’ve been working with energy for years and never experienced anything like this. It’s been the most amazing energetic shift I’ve ever felt in my life, just in terms of my own energy movement.

I could feel it happening.

Lauren M

Reiki Master & Ascended Angel Healer from New Jersey on her experience of the STARR Journey

Why work with me?

I’m Bron Lea; complex trauma specialist, consciousness alchemy and ascension master and founder of The STARR Collective Institute of Healing and globally accredited modality, StoryTeller Alchemy Rapid Recoding.

I started on my healing path 25 years ago, learning meditation and energy work from a Druid Priestess, before channeling divinely guided healing journeys for individuals and groups.

Six years ago, I was given a second chance at life, with a magical moment of divine intervention that saw me resolve my own limitation programming, as well as lifelong symptoms of cPTSD, depression, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and crippling fibromyalgia.

I’ve trained in numerous healing modalities, with an all absorbing passion (obsession) in the area of complex trauma. Oh…and I’m a total geek when it comes to neuroscience, quantum healing, alchemical and shamanic work, consciousness activation, whole of mind embodiment, and the impact of collective and ancestral trauma.

STARR is at the leading edge of humanity’s Collective Consciousness Ascension…

and it can take you there too.


Why become a globally accredited STARR Alchemist/Practitioner?

Why become a globally accredited STARR Alchemist/Practitioner?

The STARR Collective™️ Journey is a powerful, leading edge process that combines the latest advancements in neuroscience, trauma and behavioural therapies, with quantum mechanics, the Super Conscious, ancient Alchemy and Shamanic teachings, as well as the unique Soul’s Code and Calling (AKA the divinely connected, individual genius we are all born with).

It’s the quintessential “science meets spiritual” modality, which takes a “whole of mind” approach; recognising the mind as a mutually symbiotic relationship between the brain, heart and gut, as well as the energetic pathways that connect them.

The aim and intention of the STARR Collective™️ Journey is not to “fix” the client, who’s perceived as “broken”. Rather, the practitioner guides the client – as a willing, engaged and empowered participant on their healing journey – to resolve the emotional charge of the past, thereby resolving persistent patterns of internal and external resistance and conflict.

This streamlined, 7-Step Sacred Activation Sequence and the STARR Collective™️ Community that sits behind it, make for a journey unlike any other; providing clients with a treasure trove of highly effective, transformational tools, techniques and teachings they can continue to apply in their everyday experience, for the rest of their new story.

What Practitioners say about their experience with STARR...

“STARR is an accelerated, potent method that really connects you into the truth of how we’re created. It’s like plugging in to the exact right outlet to access the wisdom and tools we already have inside of us – that’s what STARR does.”

Lauren M (STARR Youth & Parenting Program Ambassador)

“My daughter just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Before the birth, she asked if I could do the Ladder of Lights Activation with her. So I wrote out an intention based on some prompts Bron gave me for the impending birth.

I’m excited beyond words to report that I did a shorter Ladder of Lights with her the night before and she loved the calmness she experienced after the session so much, she told all her friends about it! This made my heart sing! Thank you Bron Lea, STARR is totally amazing and absolutely works!!!”

Kath T (2 weeks into her training with STARR!)

“This is so much more than I could have ever imagined it could be for me personally, and for the women I work with. This training is pure gold. It’s putting all the pieces I’ve been gathering for the last 3 years together, and taking it to a whole new level!

I love the blend of learning, experience, and visuals. And the small group. Just go for the experience! Your life will never be the same!”

Mercedes S (3 weeks into her training with STARR!)

“I’m still constantly integrating STARR. I feel more aware of what I’m thinking, my reactions, my stories… etc. It’s easier to bring myself back “down” from an occasional upstream battle with my old stories.

I’m learning a lot, especially about the “whys” behind hypnosis and how to appropriately interact with clients. I love the grounding at the beginning of each session and the content is so clear and organized.”

Ali L (3 weeks into her training with STARR!)


STARR Collective takes its responsibility to serve clients in the highest possible integrity, to this modality and their personal journey, very seriously. It is a requirement as a registered practicing STARR Collective Certified Alchemist that you maintain an annual licence.

There are two tiers of licencing available to select from, and both include certain requirements that must be fulfilled under the STARR Code of Ethical Governance and Conduct.

This is to maintain a consistently high standard of quality and service throughout the STARR Collective, for optimal benefit to both clients and practitioners.

Practitioners will not be permitted to practice the STARR modality without holding a full, active licence issued by STARR Collective.

All Licenced Practitioners are required to;

Tier One - STARR Collective SILVER StoryTeller Alchemist’s Licence


Tier Two - STARR Collective GOLD StoryTeller Alchemist’s Licence

Includes all of the above benefits, PLUS;